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The Kalamazoo River Watershed Council (KRWC) focuses upon four key areas to improve water quality

bulletPCB Contamination
bulletNon-point Source Pollution
bulletHabitat Loss and Degradation
bulletLand Use

Select Accomplishments

bulletIn 1997, the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council (KRWC) approached the USEPA and requested that emergency action be taken at the Bryant Mill Pond.  The Mill Pond was eliminated as a source of high-level PCBs to the river. 
bulletThe KRWC initiated the installation of fish consumption advisory signs along the river the 1998, and have ensured their update and replacement.  We have recently worked in conjunction with elected officials to produce copies of the Michigan Family Fish Consumption Advisory Guide.
bulletIn 2000, the KRWC co-sponsored "Addressing Public Health Concerns at the Watershed Level," a conference which highlighted methods to address environmental health issues through local watershed planning.
bulletWe have held eight successful River Roundtable meetings, to keep the community informed, and gather citizen input on the River cleanup process. 

KRWC Board Members
Robert Beck, Vice President
Al Campbell, Treasurer
Steve Hamilton
Rich Koster, President
Barbara Wygant

Council Staff
Eric Kerney, Coordinator

Technical Advisors
Charles Ide, Ph. D.
Jay Means, Ph. D.

William McMullin