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Ban wild animal display acts
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Ban the Acts Action Alerts

Model Ordinance

Set Your Goal

Timing Can Help

Do Your Homework on the Issue

Write a Letter to the Editor

Do Your Homework on the Legislators

Visit Your Legislators

Call Your Legislators

Write to Your Legislators

Know the Local Legislative Process

Attend City/County Council Meetings

Know What to Do

Know What NOT to Do


A petition demonstrates to your local legislators that voting for your proposed ordinance will win them support from the community.  It can be a general statement of support for your campaign and does not need to cover all aspects.  Start collecting signatures as soon as you have decided to undertake this campaign.

Letter to the Experts

Expert statements lend credibility to your campaign and make it easier to convince both the public and government officials that your ordinance is necessary.  Approach scientists, veterinarians, biologists, zoos accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association or anyone else who has the experience and credentials to be considered an expert on the issue.  Inform them of the situation, and ask them to give you a written statement of support.

Letter to City Legislators

Try to keep your letter to one page and focus on two or three main points.  In our sample letter, we have used public safety (city liability), tax funds (how the community wants its money spent), and humane issues.  Tailor your letter to relect the major points of your campaign and the major concerns of the local community.

Letter to the Editor

Help raise awareness in the community by submitting a letter to the editor of your local papers. 

News Release

Use news releases to notify the media of any important developments in your campaign.  Be sure to follow up the release with telephone calls to the recipients (a couple of hours after faxing).