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What You Can Do to Help our Watershed

In Your Home

bulletDon't let the water run!  Fix leaks and install water saving faucets and shower heads.
bulletChoose environmentally friendly household cleaners.  Many brands such as Seventh Generation are available at most health food stores.  Ask your grocery store to carry them too. 
bulletMaintain your septic tank to prevent leaks from polluting nearby waters.

In Your Yard

bulletDon't use fertilizers with phosphorous and/or nitrogen.  High amounts of these make their way to water reservoirs causing an unnaturally high increase in plant growth, thereby, filling in the water.  

In Your Community

bulletDon't dump used oil, antifreeze, or any chemicals into the storm drain or street.  Recycle them!  Kalamazoo County has a hazardous waste drop-off location.
bulletRecycle batteries!  The Hazardous Waste Dept. will take them as well as Radio Shack stores. 
bulletCell phones in landfills are rapidly becoming a major pollutant.  Be sure to reuse or recycle old cell phones.  The Kalamazoo Hazardous Waste Dept. collects them.  Also, Students Protecting Animals (SPA) on WMU's campus is collecting them as a fundraiser.  SPA:
bulletTune up your car and check for leaks.  Also try walking, biking, and using mass transit.
bulletUse your curbside recycling program or county drop-off locations to recycle all you can.